4 Reasons Self-Storage Is Great For College Students Next Summer


It’s the beginning of the school year. Another trip through a vibrant campus with the winds whistling through the leaves as the journey begins. But before you know it, the end of year has arrived and you’re not prepared. This summer, your son or daughter has accumulated even more items than ever before. It’s at that point you will look to self-storage options in your area–unless you’re smart and you plan ahead now.

Instead of hauling all of the possessions into a childhood bedroom for the next several months, renting a self-storage unit is a great option to not only make your move easier, but also ensure your belongings are safe and kept closer to campus for when you need them again.

1. Peace of mind belongings will be safe. If heading home for the summer means a long drive, why stuff the car for a long, uncomfortable ride home only to do the same when you return in the fall? Storage for college dorms at a nearby self-storage facility means an easier time on the road or even flying home, plus many facilities have security features like gated entry, security cameras and door alarms to ensure everything will be safe.

2. Makes finding new housing easier. For students who have recently graduated, renting a self-storage unit is also a great way to start the next chapter of life, especially for those who are perhaps moving in with a friend or into a smaller apartment until they find permanent housing. 3

3. Month-to-month rentals. Rent your unit for just the right amount of time with a month-to-month lease! This is great for college dorm storage and means you can easily keep your belongings closer to campus over the summer months, eliminating the need to transport them any great distance.

4. More space at your parents’ house. After college students leave for the school year, it’s typical for parents to convert those empty bedrooms into guest bedrooms or offices, or even a workout room. They did not intend their home to become storage for college dorms over the summer.

College Student Storage Solutions from Canal Road Self Storage

Stop by any of our facilities near you and we will help you create more space than ever this summer! And to the students in our community who are starting another, wishing you nothing but the best in the classroom.


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