5 Tips to Simplify Your Living Room Spring Cleaning

Living Room Spring Cleaning in 5 Simple Steps

At long last, the warm breeze of the coming spring has melt the frost of winter. More than signaling the arrival of budding flowers and pollen-filled air, this change also signals the need for a fresh start both inside and outside the home. Spring cleaning is an essential way to get a fresh start on the year, as purging old items, dust and dirt from your home brings peace of mind that shines all summer long.

Tasks well-suited for any room of your home include: washing down walls and ceilings, cleaning windows and screens, shampooing and vacuuming rugs and changing smoke alarm batteries. From there, each individual room in a spring cleaning project will bring its own challenges and rewards.

Quickly and Effectively Clean Your Living Room

Create a spring cleaning checklist with your goals and strategy for your project. Split up the tasks by category, such as “by closets” or “furniture”. Volunteer family members to help get each room done quicker. Below are great tips on how to begin your yearly spring cleaning projects by cleaning your living room quickly and effectively:

  1. Deep clean your living room furniture: Check the furniture’s label for any specific instructions before you start cleaning. Remove the cushions, take them outside, and beat them with a broom to remove dust and dirt. Wipe down with a dry cleaning sponge to remove any excess dirt and oil. Vacuum the inside of the couch with attachments to remove crumbs, hair and dust in the crevices of the couch. Dust the feet of the couch. If you have a slip cover on your couch, remove it at least twice a year and have it dry-cleaned or washed. Don’t forget to pre-treat any stains.
  2. Declutter the room as you go: Put items that shouldn’t be in the living room back to their original locations. If you no longer have a need for items, set them in a box to be sold or donated. If you need to keep some of the belongings for future use, box them up for storage.
  3. Dust everything: Dust the ceiling, wall corners and vents. Dust all wood surfaces including book shelves, accent tables and entertainment centers. Make sure to remove the books and knickknacks and dust them individually before putting them back on the shelf. Pick up electronic equipment and dust underneath them. Clean ceiling fans with a long-handled duster or put a pillow case over a broom to dust.
  4. Clean the carpets and rugs: Steam clean and spot treat the carpets if they are lightly soiled. You can do this on your own by renting a steam cleaning machine. If the task is too big, call in the carpet cleaning professionals. Move area rugs and vacuum the floor underneath them.
  5. Window Cleaning: Take down draperies, curtains and blinds to wash or have cleaned according to manufacturer’s directions. Some window treatments can be machine-washed and others will need to be dry-cleaned. Wash the inside of the windows.

Finding Space to Store Those Extra Living Room Items

Cleaning and organizing your living room is an ongoing process that requires both patience and persistence. Try to refresh the look of your living room at least once per year, taking advantage of organizational tools such as shelving, baskets or bins. Make sure to remove the items you no longer need as soon as possible so that the decluttered space does not revert to its original state. If you are having difficulty finding the right donation center or junk removal service for these extra items, consider taking advantage of low-cost self-storage from a company like Canal Road Self Storage. We offer a range of storage units to suit every storage need – be sure to check out our climate controlled storage units for those fragile and valuable items!


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