Bedroom Spring Cleaning Ideas

A messy bedroomThe poor, poor bedroom. It’s where all the messes get tossed when company pops in for a surprise visit. Dirty clothes may end up on the floor here more often than the laundry room—particularly if you live with teenagers. If clumps of clothing and cluttered closets are cramping your bedroom style, we have some ideas that can help get your spring cleaning mission off to a great start.

Cleaning and Organizing Your Bedroom

It’s a good idea to set your order of operations so you don’t have to clean any areas twice. In general, start at the top and work your way down when taking on a massive cleaning project. When you clean ceiling fans and light fixtures, some of the dust will rain down, so start with the ceiling and finish with the floor. Before you get to that point, though, let’s clear out some of the clutter.

  • Empty the closet. Sort clothing and other items into a few different categories. You may want to consider storing seasonal clothing and accessories offsite. The extra space can come in handy. Are there any clothes that just don’t fit anymore (and probably won’t anytime soon)? Think about donating or selling them. If any of your threads are looking frayed, it might be time to throw them away.
  • Dust and vacuum while the closet’s clear. It will be much easier to get into the corners and other hard to reach places while the closet’s empty.
  • Organize as you go. When you start returning the clothing and accessories you’ll be keeping to the closet, think about which items you need most often. Make sure they’re easy to access.
  • Repeat with the drawers. Follow all the steps above for any drawers in your bedroom. Empty, sort, clean and reorganize.
  • Don’t forget the drapes, curtains and carpets! Window dressing often gets overlooked in the cleaning department. Take these down and wash according to the labels, or you may want to have a cleaning crew come in to help. They can also help with deep cleaning the carpet if it’s been a while since the floor has seen more than just a vacuum cleaner.
  • Check under the bed. There aren’t any monsters under there, but you may have some dust bunnies, lost socks or other things hiding beneath the bed. If this area serves as additional storage space, take the time to sort items, toss what you don’t need and reorganize the rest.

Self-Storage For Household Items

When you’re ready to move some of your belongings to a storage space away from home, give us a call at Canal Road Self Storage. Our smallest self-storage units are great for keeping seasonal clothing and a few small items out of your way. If you need something larger, we can accommodate needs up to and including entire households! The facility includes state of the art security measures and other features like climate-controlled storage units to keep your belongings safe and sound. Stop by for a tour today!

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