Hat Storage Tips To Help Organize Your Closet

All household items cannot be stored the same way. Certain things, like wedding dresses, need to be preserved for future generations and kept free from wrinkles. Patio furniture and Holiday Decorations are examples of items that would be stored seasonally. But when following the storage tips for each specific piece of clothing or items around your house will help maximize space and save time.

The first step in proper hat storage is to identify what hats you need right now and what should be placed in storage. This could be in terms of a storage unit, alongside other larger items like couches or appliances, or event within your own closet. Maybe you have one or two really nice hats that only get used when you’re in your Sunday best. Or maybe you have an impressive collection of caps from your hometown team. Why not show them off with a wall display! It can be as simple as hanging a picture on the wall with the use of some nails or adhesive-backed hooks. Or, if you don’t want them directly on the walls, you could use a corkboard. A decorative coat rack can be another stylish piece to display your favorite head coverings while keeping them out of the way. These are just a few of the ways you can turn your hat collection into a conversation starter.

Storing Hats

If you would rather keep your hats in the closet until they’re part of your outfit, we have some ideas for you, too. The wall display might work in the closet. If your closet walls have some spare headroom, you can line the perimeter with hooks or nails for hat storage up high. For those of you with a variety of visors, caps, and other decorative headdress with adjustable bands, a coat hanger and some shower curtain rings can hold quite a few pieces. An over-the-door shoe organizer could be repurposed into hat storage for less bulky items like caps and winter hats. It’s not bad for gloves and mittens either if you want to make it more of a seasonal accessory organizer. When protecting the shape and more fragile elements of your dressier bowlers and bonnets is a concern, you will probably want to store those in a hatbox. Some nicer-looking hatboxes could work as home decor or in closet storage, so stack for style or space as you please!

Climate-Controlled Storage

Whether you’re storing hats in your home or in a self-storage unit, you will want to make sure the space is protected against extreme temperature and humidity. Don’t leave your prized headgear to fend for itself against the elements. Stop by Canal Road Self Storage to learn more about how to store your household items properly. Canal Road provides the all type of storage options, including climate controlled storage, as well as the best customer service in the industry. Learn how Canal Road Self-Storage can save you time and money today by calling or stopping by to visit our team of storage experts.


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