How to Unload a Moving Truck

Full length of young male movers carrying sofa outside truck on streetProper planning for your next moving day begins well before the moving truck arrives. While you can start packing up items in your home around two months prior to your move to ensure everything is ready to go, one of the most crucial steps for saving time on moving day includes determining how to pack a moving truck effectively.

By ensuring that you are utilizing every square inch of the truck in an efficient manner, you will not only save time on making multiple trips, but you will also protect your items while in transit. If you also consider the boxes and moving supplies you need, and which items should be moved into your new home first, you can begin to save time unloading a moving truck before you ever arrive.

Packing a Moving Truck: Identify What Goes in First

To properly pack a moving truck, it’s important to load your large appliances in first. Once these items are securely placed into the back of the truck, furniture would be the next item to follow. Be sure to evenly distribute your furniture throughout both sides of the truck, and cover these items with moving blankets for protection in transit. Then, your boxes go in next, placing the heavier ones on the bottom. Loading a moving truck should conclude with fragile items packed last, and empty spaces filled with buffers like bags of clothing, linens, pillows or cushions to avoid items shifting around during the move.

Unloading a Moving Truck: Step-By-Step Best Practices

1. Map out rooms before unloading. Before you begin unpacking the moving truck, go into your new home and make a list of where items need to be placed. This way you’ll be able to easily direct your helpers to the right spot and track what has been moved.

2. Place boxes in the proper rooms immediately. Before packing a moving truck, label all your boxes with the area of the new home or room where they belong. This way, everything can get set down in the right place immediately, helping you stay organized and able to find the things you need without any problems.

3. Keep a clear pathway. Make sure there’s an open pathway clear of debris and boxes from the moving truck into the home. Protect your flooring with carpet remnants or taped-down plastic.

4. Set up larger items first. Place boxes out of the way of furniture so you can set up beds, put together tables and dressers, etc.

5. Install the appliances. Make sure your appliances weren’t dinged up in the move, then get them into their proper places and hooked up. If any appliances are gas-powered, let the professionals handle those later.

6. An “Open First” Box. Pack a box with essential items like toiletries, paper products and utensils, a change of clothing and bedding. Label this box as “open first” to make sure you have everything you need during your first night at the new house.

Consider Self-Storage in Advance of Your Next Move

Self-storage is a valuable household storage option for items that will not fit in your new home, or equipment you may not need until the following season. If you’re planning a move, Canal Road Self Storage has five self-storage locations in the Georgia area that can serve all of your storage needs. From standard storage units to climate control, Canal Road has options that will keep your belongings safe and secure until you need to access them. We also offer free local use of a moving truck. Learn more by stopping by to check out one of our facilities today!


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