Moving Tips for Downsizing Seniors

Senior Couple Facing Empty Room with Packed Moving Boxes and PotDownsizing is the process of reducing the size of your home. This requires reducing the number of items that are stored in your home.The first step to effectively downsize is to take an inventory of your household belongings. You will then identify four categories of items: Moving, Friends & Family, Donation and Self-Storage.

Moving Items

The first items to identify during the downsizing process is which items you plan to bring to your new home. This begins with furniture like beds, couches, recliners and tables. After deciding on which furniture will be moved, then begin to inventory closets, drawers and cabinets. Designate a moving box for each type of belonging and label it with the room it is going to be placed in your new home.

Friends and Family Items

The household items typically given away to friends and family include heirlooms or furniture that will not fit in your new home. This could include large dressers, dining room tables, or couches. Other items that were acquired with friends, or remind you of a time you spent with someone special, are also typically given away. When friends and family arrive to pick up these items, and remove them from the old house, this provides downsizing help for seniors by eliminating heavy items and clutter.

Donation Items

Donation centers play an often-overlooked role in helping seniors move. They provide an opportunity to help others while also improving your own living situation. In a smaller home, typically there is less closet or storage space. A condominium, for example, may also not have a basement. From furniture to clothing, donation centers would be gladly accepting these items which would be used to help someone in need. Toys that grandchildren used to play with that occupy space in your basement are another example of household items that could be donated while helping seniors move.

Self-Storage Items

Self-storage units offer effective senior downsizing services during the moving process. They can be used to store seasonal decorations, seasonal clothing, patio or deck furniture and any other items that won’t fit inside your new house. Documents like titles or deeds that are accessed infrequently could also be stored in a self-storage unit, along with print photos or albums. Those documents would be best placed in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Our self-storage professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have about the downsizing process. Stop by our Canal Road Self-Storage facility in Brunswick, Georgia for more information on how we can help with your transition.

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