Prepare Your Bike for Spring Riding Season

Simple Steps to Prepare Your Bike for Riding Season

With the weather warming, the time could not be more fitting to get your bikes and motorcycles out of storage and ready for the spring and summer riding season. Hopefully, you followed proper bicycle storage procedure last fall, or else these simple steps could become quite complicated.

5 Steps to Remove Your Bike From Storage

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can simply ride out of your storage unit on your bike – there are essential safety precautions you must take before hitting the road. Follow these five steps to help make sure your ride is up to standards:

  1. Bicycle Cleaning: Start off with a spring bike cleaning to make the bike look great for your first ride. Remove dust and dirt that has accumulated on the bike by rinsing the bike from top to bottom with a garden hose. Clean the bike with warm soapy water and use soft-bristled brush to clean the pedals, chain, chain ring, derailleur, and then on to the rest of the bike. Rinse again and dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Inspect the Tires: Inspect the tires and rims for damage and repair. Replace the tires if necessary. Also, at this time, make sure the wheels spin smoothly and are not catching on anything.
  3. Inflate the Tires: Look at the tires for wear and tear, fraying, cracks, holes and bald patches. Replace the tires if you see any noticeable damage. Once visual inspections are completed, check the air in the tires by squeezing them. If they are too squishy, then the tires will need to be inflated. Use a pump and tire gauge to inflate to the recommended tire pressure (the number next to the PSI on the side of the tire).
  4. Test the Brakes: Inspect the brake system and brake pads. Make sure that the brakes will allow you to slow down, be in control and be safe. The brake pads should hit the wheel rim at the same time to allow for easy braking.
  5. Check the power-train: The power-train includes including pedals, gears and the chain. Repair and replace any worn gears and parts. Chains wear out and should be replaced every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Add lubricant to the chain for easier movement and gear shifting. Test the gears to make sure that they shift easily. If they are not shifting, then take your bike to a repair shop for replacement. Inspect the cables for the breaks and the derailleur. Replace cables that are cracked or damaged. These are important connectors to the brake system. So, replacing them is important for safety sake.

Self-Storage Units for Bicycles

Though it may be difficult to think about in spring, the bike season will eventually end. With the changing colors of autumn comes the need to prepare your bicycle for storage again. Consider renting a clean, climate-controlled storage unit from a company like Canal Road Self Storage, where first-rate storage unit cleanliness and technology is paired with top-of-the-line customer service.

After you have found the perfect storage unit to store your bike, simply reverse the process described in this post. To follow proper bicycle storing procedure, make sure to check the power-train and brakes, clean the bike thoroughly and deflate the tires.


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