Shoe Storage Tips and Ways to Organize Closet

Designating an area for your shoes when you get into your house from the rain isn’t enough. Shoe organization is critical for those of us who need to get breakfast on the table for kids and get out the door for work everyday. This also becomes an issues for those who collect specific types of shoes from high heels to sneakers. Proper organization will help you not only find what you need, but also maximize your collection and keeping everything available.

Shoe Storage

Divide and conquer that unruly pile of shoes in your closet. Tossing them all together on the floor can lead to scuffs and scrapes. Rotate your winter boots from the back of the closet to the front when the weather makes them your frequent footwear. Your flip flops won’t mind lounging in the back. For speciality or designer shoe options, refer to the product information on whether climate controlled storage is required.

Also, consider Racks, Boot Shapers or Boot Boxes for optimal storage. These items could be used in your closet, or in a self-storage unit that you use for shoe storage. To learn more, stop by Canal Road’s self-storage facility in Brunswick, GA after checking out this list below.

  • Racks: If you have more than a couple of pairs of boots, a boot rack can keep them off the ground and in great shape. Plus, you can save storage space. Simply hang the boot rack in a standard closet and place your boots in the rack and you’re done.
  • Boot Shapers: When you have one or two pairs or you want to keep them grounded, boot shapers are a popular choice. You can purchase boot shapers online, in-store, or you could opt to DIY in a variety of ways. Pool noodles or wine bottles are just a few ways to help keep your boots in shape.
  • Boot Boxes: A number of retailers carry a wide range of solutions like clear boot boxes that make it easy to stack, store, and see which pair is where. Other shoes like flip flops and sandals are pretty resilient, but there are still tons of fun ways to corral your collection. Consider plate racks or hangers to help organize your summer footwear. For sneakers and shoes of similar shapes and sizes, consider a shoe rack or cabinet that can be found at most local retailers. Shoe racks are usually affordable and a great way to help your sneakers organized and on point.

Self-Storage Units Near You in Brunswick, GA

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